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Roar | Creating Actionable Alerts on Inspector Statuses
Roar | Creating Actionable Alerts on Inspector Statuses
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Creating Actionable Alerts for inspector statuses lets you keep your Liongard instance operating at full capacity and quickly remediate any potential issues. Liongard provides built-in Metrics for every inspector type, which can be used to build Actionable Alerts.

To proceed, you must have the Roar Inspector deployed. Follow our documentation on how to deploy here.

To begin, navigate to Admin > Actionable Alerts and select Create Rule in the top-right of your screen.

  • Select Roar from the Inspector drop-down

  • Give the alert an appropriate Title. For example, if you will be targeting Microsoft 365, you can title it "Roar | Microsoft 365 Failed Inspectors"

  • Select your Roar inspector from the Test System drop-down

  • Select the appropriate priority

  • Select the Metric drop-down menu and filter for the inspector name you are targeting. Select the metric that returns the count of failed inspectors. For example, for Microsoft 365, you will select "Count of Failed Microsoft 365 Inspectors"

  • Select the greater than (>) operator

  • Enter the appropriate threshold. For example, if you enter '0', then you will be notified if there are any failed inspectors

  • Scroll down and complete the Alert Content sections. Note that a table icon is provided at the top-right of the Body and Alert Comments sections to allow you to fill in the failed inspector count dynamically and the failed inspector list.

  • Click Save

  • Follow our documentation on how to apply the rule to an Alert Template

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