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Mac Agent | 4.2.4 Mac Agent Auto-Update Issues
Mac Agent | 4.2.4 Mac Agent Auto-Update Issues

A guide to use Liongard's Agent updater script to address v4.2.4 auto-update issues.

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We have identified an issue with auto-updating on all Mac Agents currently on the 4.2.4 version. This issue is preventing these versions from updating to the latest version. We have resolved this issue in later versions of the agent (4.2.5 +) and requires a manual upgrade process to resolve. We have created a script to help repair and resolve this issue.

Steps to Resolution

Liongard has created an updater script that can be used with your MDM or automation tool of choice to update the 4.2.4 agent and repair the agent's auto-updating capabilities.

  1. Access the Liongard Agent update script here

  2. Copy the contents of the file either into a text file or into your automation tool of choice

    1. If saving the contents into a file make sure to save it as a .sh extension. You may need to make the file executable, which can be done by the following command chmod 755

  3. The script can be run on top of existing installations with no additional input, the script will need to be run with elevated privileges to complete successfully.

Below is an example of the manually run script.


Below is an example of the Script Setup in Addigy


Once the script has been completed successfully you can log into your Liongard Instance to verify the update has been completed by going to Admin > Agents and viewing your list of agents.


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