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Allowlist | When to configure
Allowlist | When to configure
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While maintaining security posture of your organization you may have a need to allow certain aspects of the Liongard system to interact with the systems you wish to integrate with or inspect.
Below are some of the items you may need to add to your allowlist in order for Liongard to fully integrate with your systems:

Application IP Address

  • This will be the IP address to access your Liongard instance. At times you will need to allow both your application IP and the URL to be able your Liongard instance.


  • If you have issues connecting to your Liongard instance or if you experience issues with an agent no longer connecting you may need to add the Liongard URL to any Firewalls or network filters.

Integrations IP Address

  • This will be the IP address Liongard uses to access any integrations you may be using.

Region: US East (N. Virginia)

  • This will give you the general AWS region where your instance is located.

Service Provider Name Liongard

  • This will show you your service provider name, if you'd like to change your provider's name, you can reach out to support or create a case with us!

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