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Platform | Liongard Academy Portal Update and Transition
Platform | Liongard Academy Portal Update and Transition
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Starting December 5, all Liongard Partners can access a new and improved learning platform via Liongard Academy. We're investing greatly in our training and certification programs, creating more robust learning pathways that better prepare you and your team for success using Liongard.

Action Needed

  1. Complete any course work currently in progress: To facilitate our transition, Liongard partners have until a cut-off date of November 25 to complete certifications and other course content in the current Liongard Academy portal before we transition into our new and improved Academy. Any courses still in progress after the cut-off date will not have their progress migrated to the new system. Liongard will only migrate completed courses and completed certifications. In addition, course completion history will progressively update over the month of December inside the new Academy portal, so we ask that you please join us in being patient during the migration process.

  2. Log into your account if you want Liongard to auto-provision your account: If you have logged in to Liongard Academy within the twelve months before December 1, 2023, you will automatically be provisioned an account in the new system. On December 5, you will receive an invitation to access our new portal. To ensure Liongard automatically provisions your account, please log in to your account at the current Liongard Academy portal before December 1.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the skills and training necessary for success. If you have issues accessing the system following the migration, don't hesitate to contact our support portal to open a support ticket.

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