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IT Glue | Mapping Parent/Child Liongard Environments
IT Glue | Mapping Parent/Child Liongard Environments
Updated over a week ago

Parent/Child relationships for Environments can be created in Liongard to support clients that have multiple locations or branch offices.

Liongard currently only allows you to map one IT Glue organization to one Liongard Environment, and the same behavior is true for IT Glue. This can make mapping Liongard's Flexible Assets to the appropriate location in IT Glue challenging.

To address this issue, Liongard recommends using one of the following solutions:

  • If all of the locations or branches reside within one IT Glue organization, you should create a single Liongard Environment and map it to the single IT Glue company. Then, we suggest including an identifier to the beginning of the Friendly Name of each Inspector (the location or branch name, for example) that will make it easier to sort, search for, and identify Flexible Assets inside of IT Glue.


  • Create additional organizations inside of IT Glue for each branch office or location, and then map each Liongard Child account to the appropriate organization in in IT Glue.

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