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IT Glue | Missing Flexible Assets
IT Glue | Missing Flexible Assets
Updated over a week ago

Occasionally, some or all IT Glue Flexible Assets may be missing in your IT Glue platform. This is generally due to an issue with the Environment mapping from Liongard to IT Glue.

Steps to Resolution

Navigate to Admin > Integrations > IT Glue > Flexible Assets:

On the right side of the page, click the “Troubleshooting” tool:

Select the “Re-sync IT Glue” option. Once it is finished, a pop-up should appear in the top right notifying you that the re-sync was successful.

Outcome: Your inspectors should run and create new Flexible Assets in IT Glue.

Alternatives: If this does not resolve your issue, please try the “Repair Mappings” and “Force Repair Mappings” options in the troubleshooting tool and reach out to support if the issue persists.

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