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IT Glue | (Auto) Flexible Assets not appearing in sidebar
IT Glue | (Auto) Flexible Assets not appearing in sidebar
Updated over a week ago

Problem: When attempting to look for the Liongard Flexible Assets in IT Glue, they cannot be found to be added in the sidebar.

Steps to Resolution

To resolve this, IT Glue needs to be force-updated, since the sidebar seems to fail to update upon import.

Navigate to AccountFlexible Asset Types. Here you’ll find several different configurations, including some Liongard data if they were pushed over. You’ll want to click the Pencil (edit) icon on one of these, turn it off, and then back on, then save. This will force a refresh.

Outcome: Data will now be accessible and available to be added via the Flexible Assets Sidebar.

Alternatives: Ensure that the data is being pushed over from Liongard if this doesn’t resolve the issue. Also, be sure you are an admin in IT Glue.

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