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N-Central | Inspector Failure Troubleshooting
N-Central | Inspector Failure Troubleshooting

N-Central N-Able Troubleshooting

Updated over a week ago

Problem: If you have N-Central inspectors failing with the below please follow this guide to attempt to bring the systems back online:

Steps to Resolution

  • Confirm that the account that setup N-Central is setup with SSO or if it’s a system account

    • If you are using SSO you will need to reach out to N-Central for further guidance

  • If you are using a system account for the API key that was created you can attempt the following:

    • Reset the password on the account that was used to setup the API key

    • Confirm the account that created the API key is not locked or disabled and is still active

    • Login to the N-Central system using the API account after resetting the password

    • After successfully logging in with the account that created the API key you can rerun the inspector and that should bring it back online

Outcome: The above should bring the N-Central system back online if it was failing with the error’s listed above

Alternatives: If the above does not resolve the error please reach out to support for further guidance

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