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Internet Domain/DNS | WhoIs Information Not Available
Internet Domain/DNS | WhoIs Information Not Available
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Internet Domain Inspector lands with a setup issue stating that "WhoIs" information is not available or that the domain doesn’t exist.

Steps to Remediate

You will first want to find the domain being inspected and verify the domain is online

  • Open the domain being inspected in your web browser. If the site doesn’t load or you receive an error, you will need to resolve this before the inspection takes place

If the domain is active you will want to use a whois lookup tool to find the domain registration information and verify it’s accessible

  • Use or a similar lookup resource to verify this. From here there is some information you will need to confirm

    • You will want to confirm that you see actual information returned for the Registrar Updated date and creation data. There are times where a domain can be registered to hide this information in which case the inspector may fail

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