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SonicWall | Unauthorized Error
SonicWall | Unauthorized Error
Updated over a week ago

Problem: SonicWall inspector failing with error: "Unauthorized"

Steps to Resolution

First, verify you have setup the correct Inspector permissions according to our V7 documentation:

After you have verified the setup was completed successfully for the API access, attempt to login with the API user on the SonicWall. You may receive an error with the account either being locked out, or the password is too weak. Reset the password of the account to match SonicWall’s minimum required (8 characters, 1 upper, 1 lower, 1 number, and 1 special). Then, input this password into the Liongard inspector again, and re-run the Inspector

Outcome: If the password or account lockout was the issue, the Inspector should now complete successfully

Alternatives: If it is still failing with the same error, please gather screenshots of all of your setup steps accomplished when initially setting up the inspector, and open a support chat with our team

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