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Windows Agent | Unsuccessful Upgrade or Uninstall
Windows Agent | Unsuccessful Upgrade or Uninstall

Unsuccessful Agent Upgrade or Uninstall

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Steps to Remediate

  • First, attempt to run the following PowerShell script:

    get-wmiobject -class win32_product | ? { $_.Name -like "*lion*" } | % { $_.Uninstall() }
    • If that still doesn’t allow a successful uninstall or upgrade please continue below

  • If the above still does not allow for a successful uninstall or upgrade, locate and rename the MSI file downloaded from Admin > Agents

    • From there rename the file to “LiongardAgent2.0.3.msi” or the current version number

To determine a Liongard Agent's version:

  • Log in to Liongard and navigate to Admin > Agents

  • Sort Agents by the Version column:

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