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Windows Agent | Downgrading Agents
Windows Agent | Downgrading Agents

In certain scenarios, we ask for partners to downgrade their Agent when issues arise.

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  1. Firstly, uninstall the previous version of the agent. To do this, go to Control Panel โ†’ Programs & Features โ†’ Liongard Agent โ†’ Uninstall (or uninstall after running the MSI).

  2. To download the agent version youโ€™d like, we generally will send out a link, that will look something like this (for example, for 4.2.3):

  3. As the URL implies, this is a static link, to that version. You can generally index different versions as we request, for example if we wanted to go to 3.2.4, we could specify that at the end of the URL right before the ".msi"

Outcome: Previous version of the agent will be installed locally. Contact support if any issues arise.

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